fter noise is heard in a shed at the docks, not corpses are found but a bloody mess and three pair shoes, the shocking mark of the DX-4 alias 'Vaporizer', an experimental, illegal weapon which fires up to 100,000 rounds per minute. DNA from the blood identifies three mashed-up gun runners: Hector Malcas, Eddie Padura and Pedro Rupan. There is also a cigarette with prints from Gabriel Soto. ATF sends Customs official Tanya Thorpe, who confirms there was a secret operation to trick illegal arms sale to the Middle East. However the vaporizer was being produced by Peregrine, which enjoyed special immunity to defend the top-secret project under the Patriot Act. Next its CEO Steve Lancaster is found dead, shot with a Sentry (miniature stun-gun) before a fatal air injection; he has a Navy SEAL tattoo. The only other print is from computer salesman James Reilly, another Navy veteran, who met Lancaster that day and has a virgin criminal record. Lancaster's laptop is wiped clean from the Peregrine HQ, where Darren Butler is now in charge and claims the Vaporizer is missing. Woolf suspects Thorpe as she carries a GI Sentry and knew enough, but her gun was never fired. The fatal syringe was injected in Lancaster's eye; there are traces of toner pointing to Reilly, who was dumped by Peregrine and admits only his murder. A hair in Lancaser's car points again to Soto, who admits he tried to buy the Vaporizer from him; a Latino job applicant resembling Soto is shot with a regular gun while talking to CSI on the docks, where the sniper's print is found...

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