iami PD Commander Briggs's SWAT team, responding swiftly to a call, shoots the villa owner Michael Maddox. He was just carrying a kitchen-knife for self-defense, no crime had been committed. The call is traced to the home of Neil Jackson, against whom Michael had a real estate legal complaint. However it is revealed that the voice on the call was not his, and Neil claims there was an intruder watching from a tree. Skin is found there, and the DNA is that of dodgy P.I. Kurt Rossi, who was hired by Michael to prove widow Lucy Maddox's alleged adultery, which she calls paranoia. She suspects Michael's hedge fund business partner Peter Cullen. Paint on Michael's car proves his car was involved in a collision with that of Charlie Decker, who is forced to admit that he is Lucy's lover. The caller was female, the line rigged by neighbor Danny to Cullen's office, his assistant phoned the SWAT - and is found shot in her car. Rossi dusts his law degree off to defend Cullen, who is found with powder traces, but plays dirty to discredit both Eric and Calleigh, so as to taint the evidence. Horatio finds another angle to tie the knots and sets a trap.

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