etired star quarterback Doug McClain chokes to death during a phone call with flirt Wendy Legassic, his neck artery is cut with surgical precision, as if he didn't fight back. His widow uses a court injunction to prevent an autopsy, arguing that would compromise Doug's cryogenics, while any delay compromises an autopsy. Meanwhile several combined scans perform a 'virtual autopsy'. Only a few memorabilia were stolen from Doug's villa, and offered for sale on Internet by his former business manager Martin Wilson, who has a black eye fitting the bruises on Doug's hand, but claims an alibi. Wendy was in fact a reporter examining celebrity cryogenics and is forced to admit she was at Doug's; TV channel WTEX airs a sound recording of the murder on her phone, getting her arrested for obstruction. Horatio finds out Doug's marriage was de facto separated, but secretly in order not to offend the fans. There is also a picture of Caleb Sullivan, the recently deceased quarterback of a sponsored youth football team, whose mother Rita Sullivan claims that Doug was his father but refused the boy a life-saving kidney donation. Rita confesses to have stabbed Doug, but that blow wasn't fatal: someone pulled the knife out while Doug was still alive but the recording had already finished. Then major evidence tampering is discovered, while a few CSI colleagues have personal problems with possible job impact...

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