uring riots in advance of US President Bush's visit to London, the MI-5 team observe Peter Salter among the agitators. Salter is a legendary agent and neither Zoe or Danny are quite sure what to do. When they report what they saw to Harry Pearce, he instructs them to remove any reference to Salter from their reports and to forget what they saw. Turns out Harry is running Salter on a special op in cooperation with MI-6. They are trying to nab a well known anarchist who is in the UK to stir up trouble. As the investigation progresses however, Salter's loyalty is called into question. Zoe has another problem when she suspects Tessa of embezzling funds. Tom meanwhile finally has to admit to Ellie what he really does for a living. She doesn't take it all well and she insists that he tell her daughter Maisie the truth or she will leave him.

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