POILERS Patrick McCann, the leader of an Irish splinter group walks into a safe house and insists that he has crucial information for MI5 concerning their investigation on an Middle East terrorist group called Asabiyah. To share in-depth information on Asabiyah's plan to hit a British nuclear power station with MI5, McCann requests that his group goes unwatched for 30 hours. Despite doubts about this collaboration, McCann's splinter group is granted their request of not being watched for 30 hours. It then becomes evident, however, that McCann has planned to release a bomb on one of London's stations which can be repelled by MI5 just in time. In the meantime, things get more serious between Ellie and Tom as she and her daughter Maisie move into Tom's house. When Tom brings his laptop to his home, he realizes too late that it is set up with a bomb and Ellie and Maisie are in great danger.

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