ection D are facing a suicide bomb threat, when two prisoners are released. Having been trained for martyrdom in prison, one of the released convicts, Ashur Mohali is an MI5 asset, who's been made a promise that if he had spent two years in prison gathering information to help stop a terrorist attack, he and his daughter will be given UK citizenship. While the team try to prevent the attack and keep Ashur onside, Harry and Ruth make a decision to gather evidence against CIA Deputy Director Jim Coaver, now suspected of impersonating Harry and pursuing information from Elena Gavrik. Things takes a turn for the worst when Elena is attacked, and revelations lead Ruth to believe that it is indeed Coaver that is responsible for the attacks on the Gavrik's and MI5. Meanwhile, Erin has to make an impossible decision when the teams operation causes her to be compromised when her own daughter is put in danger. Ruth informs Harry of her offer from the Home Secretary, not wanting her involved in what's coming, he asks her to leave Section D.

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