arry takes action against Jim Coaver and mounts an operation to bring him in and interrogate him over the attacks on the Gavrik's and MI5. Jim defends his actions explaining that his part in meeting with a CIA asset who then attacked Elena, was nothing to do with jeopardizing the partnership between the UK and Russia. Meanwhile Ruth is torn when the Home Secretary is informed that Coaver is missing, and is asked to give up his location. Coaver is taken by CIA operatives only to be tricked, when a team of mercenaries snatches him. Coaver, with his last words warns Harry to retrieve a laptop from the American Embassy as it will reveal who is behind the attacks. Harry then meets with Elena to discuss whether or not Ilya could be involved in the attacks and the two share an intense moment. Ruth again becomes torn when Harry enlists her help into getting Coaver's laptop out of the Embassy and back to him but Sasha Gavrik has other ideas. Harry is then pursued by the CIA, who plan to extradite him to the US to ask him questions on Jim Coaver's death.

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