n the last ever episode, Harry is being extradited from the UK to be asked questions over CIA Deputy Director, Jim Coavers death. Elena Gavrik approaches Ruth at the signing of the Russian/UK partnership and reveals she has information but must only speak to Harry. The team are then forced to break Harry out of custody, taking Elena to a bunker to be interrogated. Elena then reveals the details of all the attacks on her husband and MI5, as well as truths about who was behind them shocking Harry and Ruth. She also insists there is an attack that very day, a threat with a bomb on a plane heading into London from Moscow. But is Elena to be trusted? As Erin, Dimitri and Calum race against time to find out who is behind the attack, Elena reveals some uncomfortable truths and lies to Harry. Ruth begins to question Elena's true motives and Harry takes drastic action when faced with a choice. Is the plane going to crash or does Elena want to force the UK to shoot it down starting conflict between Russia and the UK. As Harry finds out the truth, its down to the Home Secretary to make the decision on whether or not to shoot the plane down. On the edge, Harry is also forced to make the greatest personal sacrifice he has ever known.

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