French scientist Jerome Durand, has created an air burst EMP missile that when detonated, will shut down all electronic equipment within a square mile. He's now believed to be in London working with a British financier, Frank Hastings, on a possible sale of the new system. The French DGSE send an agent, Jean-Luc Goyon, to work with MI-5 but the British government plans to steal the system before it can be sold to anyone. When Harry Pearce's house is burgled by a gang of professional thieves, they also happen to get away with a briefcase of particularly sensitive information including stolen codes. He's not keen on reporting it so he and Tom set out to get it back. However one of the thieves, 14 year-old JJ, has a photographic memory and knows the information by heart. But perhaps JJ can be of use to them in stealing the missile plans.

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