fter an agent is killed in Istanbul, MI-5 fears that a known terrorist, Yazdi, is trying to infiltrate the UK to stage an attack. The agent in Istanbul had identified a people smuggling ring and it is apparent that the terrorist intends to use it to enter illegally. The smuggling ring is being run by the Crown Prince of the Gulf state of Bahar who agrees to cooperate with MI-5. Over his wife's objections, Adam goes undercover to use the smuggling route and recruit Yazdi to their side. The operation goes reasonably well and Yazdi is soon in custody but when he reveals to Adam that there is a terrorist cell in London waiting for him to arrive, they realize their work is only beginning. Yazdi eventually gives them the name of his UK contact and the planned target - the Houses of Parliament - but not sufficient detail to actually stop the attack from taking place. All is not as it seems however.

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