hen MI-5 learn that Nazim Malik, a suspected terrorist who has been held without trial for two years, is planning a terrorist attack, Harry Pierce arranges for him to be released from prison. They have no idea how he could be arranging a terrorist attack but suspect he may have revived the plots for which he was originally detained: bombing Heathrow airport and the Eurotunnel. With Fiona undercover as a sympathetic journalist, they try to get close to Malik but he's proving to be a hard egg to crack. There may be good reason for Malik to act the way he is when MI-5 learn the the French authorities have shot and killed a Nazim Malik in Paris and that the British may have held an innocent man in custody. The Malik in London has been in touch with radicals since his release so MI-5 may have someone who is now out for revenge. It's not that simple however. Jo Portman has completed her training and joins the team.

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