till in shock and unable to properly grieve, Adam Carter insists that he must return to work and keep himself occupied. Harry Pearce isn't so sure and he has Adam monitoring Hugo Ross who has just been released after serving a 30 year sentence for spying for the Soviet Union. Ross is an old-fashioned communist who genuinely believes in the revolution and is disgusted by what he sees in the modern Russia. Time seems to have passed him by however. The rest of the MI-5 team is focusing on a modern Russian entrepreneur, Oleg Korsakov, who it would seem has made an offer to buy the entirety of the National Health Service and run it on behalf of the government. The Security Service, including National Security Coordinator Juliet Shaw, have their doubts about Korsakov's intentions and in spite of a direct Cabinet order not to interfere, try to get information to prove his malintentions. There is perhaps a role for Hugo Ross to play after all.

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