arry Pearce is suspended from duty when he refuses to let the CIA forcibly extradite - meaning kidnap - a UK citizen who is suspected of being a terrorist. Harry is just fed up with it all and MI-5 has no information that the man, Louis Khurvin, is a danger. They place Khurvin under surveillance and unfortunately he attacks and kills the two MI-5 officers keeping an eye on him. With Harry at home, Juliet Shaw takes over the team and presses them to find Khurvin before he does anything else. The CIA provide evidence that Khurvin attended a terrorist training camp the previous summer, but Adam doubts that it is real. They find a link between Khurvin and an American businessman, Nick Pollard, who has only been living in the UK for 9 months. With the US and Iran on the brink of going to war, it seems that someone is bent on ensuring the UK will support whatever action the US decides to take.

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