onvinced that his Russian counterpart in London, Arkady Katchimov, is behind the Al Qaeda bombing that killed Adam Carter, Harry Pearce launches an unauthorized investigation. Their task is to find a non-diplomatic source who would provide then with information on Katchimov's activities. Meanwhile, listeners capture an electronic burst leading them to believe there may be an unidentified Russian submarine in British waters. With Ros Myers now the head of the team, they focus on Alexander Beletsky, a Russian who has a relationship with Katchimov. They conclude that the Russians may be looking to tap undersea communications cables and launch a denial of service attack, thereby disabling the Internet throughout Britain. Lucas North is keen to get back to work but Harry insists that Lucas go through the entire re-integration process before he does so. A good decision given that it appears that North may in fact be working for the Russians.

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