hen an industrial accident put a liquid natural gas plant out of commission for six months, the UK must quickly arrange for an alternate source of supply or face an energy crisis that will cripple British industry and the economy, to say nothing of its citizens' quality of life. The government is reluctant to deal with the Russians who will inevitably attach other demands to any sale, let alone give them a good price. Their only choice is to deal with Tazbekistan, a country that has recently undergone a change of government through a coup and is known for its abuse of civil rights and the use of torture on its dissidents. MI-5 is tasked to gather whatever intelligence it can about their negotiators and to also ensure that they and the Russians not seek revenge on each other in something that is akin to a blood feud. In the midst of all this the CIA, in the form Lucas North's lover Sarah Caulfield, tell MI-5 the US doesn't want the UK to make a deal with the Tazbeks and seem to be prepared to manipulate the situation to their advantage. Meanwhile, the Home Secretary tells Harry of information he has received in confidence from an American contact about a secret meeting in Switzerland that may have global repercussions.

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