I-5 is called into action when a terrorist group takes control of a group of very rich entrepreneurs who are meeting secretly in London. The Security Service hadn't anticipated any difficulty as they had no intelligence indicating the meeting was at risk. As luck would have it, Ros Myers is on site planting a bug and so MI-5 already has an agent on the inside. The terrorists put the capitalists on trial, streaming the proceedings over the Internet and asking viewers to vote on whether they should be executed or not. The CIA want the UK government to launch an attack and even threaten to do so themselves, but Harry sees it as a sure way to get everyone killed. The Home Secretary decides it's the only way out and orders the attack. Lucas North meanwhile is trying to get information on the terrorists' leader in the hope of proving he is a phony. Separately, Jo Portman approaches Ruth Evershed suggesting she speak to Harry Pearce and rejoin the team.

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