I-5 is desperate to find Ryan Baisley, a banker with Dewitts Bank who had agreed to provide MI-5 and CIA with a list of names and accounts from what the security services describe as the dirtiest bank in the world. They have Baisley in a safe house but a hit squad descends on the place killing everyone except Baisley who managed to escaped. Baisley may have also been trying to squeeze money out of the bank, leading to the hit. The Home Secretary advises Harry that it's absolutely necessary to get the information Baisley had promised within 24 hours - if the government isn't able to seize Dewitt's estimated £1.5 billion in assets, the UK will be unable to meet a major debt payment that comes due the next day. Soon however, it becomes apparent that the Home Secretary has been set up to be discredited. As MI-5 gets more information about the bank, they find a connection to the mysterious meeting in Basel, code named Nightingale, and Sarah Caulfield's connection to the group.

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