fter another future vision where Christopher Wey urges Johnny to make Reverend Purdy tell the truth about Mike Kennedy's death, Johnny collapses and is sent to the hospital for medical treatment. Johnny and Rebecca go to the hospital for tests in order to stop Johnny's headaches and blackouts. Johnny is scheduled for surgery, and he asks both Rebecca and Sarah to make a hard choice of the worst happens. Meanwhile, Purdy decides to confess his sins by publicly admitting to fabricating Mike Kennedy's suicide note of killing Rachel's sister in order to exonerate Johnny. Also, the sinister and murderous Greg Stillson arrives back in town from Washington to keep Purdy in check to keep the source of his illegal campaign contributions a secret, as well as to have his advisers/thugs keep things going his way. When Rebecca learns that Mike Kennedy was in fact murdered by Sonny Elliman, a Stillson security agent and his chief assassin, she decides to set out to get revenge on Stillson after Johnny confides in her about the nuclear war that will come in the future when Stillson becomes President of the USA.

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