andy, a teenage neighbor of Johnny Smith, comes home to find his father shot in the head. Escaping from two hired killers who want his own head as well, Randy runs to Johnny Smith's house, with the gunmen hot on his trail. Johnny's visions prevent him from fatal run-ins with the killers, and to see that they have cut phone and power to the house. As the group race to stay one step ahead of the killers who have now broken in, Johnny learns (as has Sheriff Bannerman, who arrives on the scene solo only to get held hostage) that Randy and his father were unwitting witnesses to a mob hit and the men after them are cold-blooded assassins sent by the imprisoned mobster to kill them in retribution for locking him up for life. Meanwhile, Johnny begins to get visions of his father Herb as a young boy in 1941 during World War II. The visions, which show Herb convincing his father to harbor the family of his Japanese friend from an angry mob, also expose to John a few secrets of the house that give them a few advantages over the two ruthless intruders.

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