ohnny, still trying to figure out who, or what, is behind the recent attempt on his life. He has a vision of Walt talking to an old woman who was the nurse looking after Johnny's father when he was institutionalized. When the old woman is killed, Johnny tracks down Reverend Purdy to help him find the answers. These answers lead back to his father, Herb Smith, revealed to be alive and, stricken with Alzheimer's Disease. He's living in a replica of his house beneath a local garden under the guard of the Corporation for a Better America secret society. Stilson is now a part of this society since taking over the Janus' place. Meanwhile, Stilson continues to charm his way with Sarah by offering her a chance to move with him to Washington. While reluctant at first, Sarah begins to see the true side of Stilson. He becomes brutish and arrogant with her, and after J.J. hits his head on the floor, has a vision of the nuclear Armagedden.

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