ool-cleaner Ritchie Almares is approached by a slightly-familiar man who orders him to awaken just before shooting him - and finds himself in bed so recognizes the experience as a dream but has an unexplainable scar in the chest. He sees his doctor, but the co-worker she calls to examine him is the same man who shot him - and does it again in the same way, with him awakening to discover a mark on his stomach. Working for a wealthy couple, he finds himself at the result of advances and being kissed by the wife, and her husband, whom he recognizes as the shooter, attacks him angrily, though not doing more than kicking and jabbing him. He finds himself in some sort of lab-facility, and a guard turns out to be the same man shoots him and causes him to awaken without a wound, but is charged a high bill for dream-therapy. He breaks into the facility to find that they may know more about Ritchie than he knows about himself, and it may not be over...

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