he boys are having their very own Winter Olympic Games in Norway by using cars for each event. Jeremy and James races each other in the biathlon event using SUVs. Jeremy takes the Volvo XC90 while James chooses the Audi Q7. Richard attempts to see which one can survive cold temperatures, a Citroen C1 or a man (that man would be Richard). In the speed skating event, Jeremy takes the new Jaguar XK and races against a professional speed skater around the ice skating ring. In an attempt to prove to Jeremy that 4 wheel drive cars are better when driving on ice than rear wheel drive cars, James create a course on a frozen lakes and it is a race against the clock to see which car is the fastest around the course. James will prove it by using a Land Rover Discovery while Jeremy takes the Jaguar XK. Richard and James have a game of ice hockey with local rally drivers using the new Suzuki Swift. In addition, Jeremy is the referee for the game. Finally, the boys attempt to turn an old Mini to be capable of launching itself from a ski jump.

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