he Detectives investigate a case from 2005, where one of the two first female cadets admitted into the Philly Military Institute (PMI) body was discovered in a cemetery. Kate Butler tried to live up to her father's standards and prove that she had what it took to be one of the "GUYS." Kate befriends an Afro-American cadet (Keith Henderson) who needed a tutor for calculus and she needed someone to talk to. Someone attached Kate in the shower with a saber and her hand was sliced. Keith found her and tried to help her get back to her room and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop so she had to go to the infirmary and was caught by other cadets since he had to go back into the Women's Latrine to retrieve his calculus book. Keith went to Commandant Murillo and reported the incident. Kate was called in by Commandant Murillo but lied and broke the code of honor. Commandant Murillo appointed James Addison to watch over her and protect her. James Looked forward to having her in his room so she could have someone to talk to as she was assigned to "Shine Duty" but she refused to give up what happened or who attacked her. Lilly Rush was going over the sign out logs and thinks she found the person who was responsible for attacking Kate. As she is on her way to go talk to that person, she is forced off the road and her car careens over a bridge and plunges into the water.

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