aluable jewels worth 5 million dollars have been stolen from a suite in the Montecito. The police call in the help of Mike since they're short on investigators. After careful looking Mike doesn't have a clue either. The only one who had access, was bellman Archie Drazinski, but it doesn't look like he was involved. It seems a perfect crime, Mike doesn't give up however. Meanwhile Mary, Sam, Nessa and Delinda try to break up the announced marriage of Cole with Liza. Cole is a regular in the Montecito and his assistant Christina always brings very tasty cookies. But Liza hates gambling and announces it's their last time in Vegas. The four ladies think of a way to convince Cole to choose for Christina instead. While everybody is busy a psychologist send by Montecito owner Brunson walks the casino floors to analyze the team and interview everybody.

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