ack's finally discovered the identity of the hit-and-run driver who murdered his wife and he is now prepared to risk everything to kill the man responsible: crook Ricky Hanson. Determined that Hanson should meet the same fate as his wife, Jack lies in wait in a pub car park, engine running. Sandra becomes aware of the situation. She acts fast to prevent him confronting his nemesis, but it results in a crash that jeopardises the future of the entire team. With Jack, Gerry and Brian hospitalised, Sandra's forced to accept temporary help at UCOS from the super-efficient DCI Karen Hardwick, a woman who irritates Pullman on every level. As she struggles to keep the truth behind the crash a secret from Strickland, Sandra becomes deeply suspicious that Hardwick's been recruited to spy on her. And with Jack clearly on the edge and suffering temporary memory loss since the crash, Sandra has her work cut out in trying to keep Hardwick in the dark. Threatened by a new face in the office and desperate to prove that they're still a crack team, even from a hospital bed, the boys need a case. When their consultant, Dr Finlay McKenzie, mentions the suspicious death of a patient, Alan White, on their ward 10 years ago, they seize the opportunity to re-investigate, hoping it will hold the team together. But is Jack still in mortal danger from his nemesis?

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