aving lapsed into alcoholism, Brian is booked into a rehabilitation clinic run by an order of monks. A chance remark by Father Bernard leads Brian to telephone Sandra late at night to tell her that there was an unexplained death in the clinic nine years previously. To prevent Brian obsessively investigating by himself, the team take up the enquiry into the death of a heroin addict, and infiltrate Gerry into the clinic as a compulsive sex addict. Brian's wife Esther discovers the whole team at the clinic, and is furious, but Sandra persuades her that it is the only way to ease the strain on Brian. By the time Gerry's cover has been blown, the team have discovered that the dead man, Robert Smith, probably took to drugs as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, after witnessing or even participating in events in the civil wars which followed the break-up of Yugoslavia. They also discover that some of the staff and even the monks at the rehabilitation centre have secrets they wish to conceal or have concealed their origins.

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