atience Miss Montana Caine?Keane wants her 'tankls' fixed, a contraction for 'tank-ankles', alias piano legs or suspension bridges, and her visible veins. Her irrational tantrums while being prepared for the OR lead to consultation of her shrink Dr. Reed, who explains she had over 20 personalities, of which only Montana and Sassy, the gate-keeper who controls the appearance of all others, remain 'in harmony'. Grace Santiago is angry not to have been consulted earlier, Sean reminds her she has no equal position, and neither he nor Dr. Troy had feelings for her while having sex. When she tells Montana operating is only the last option, Sassy attacks her and an aggressive third personality reappears, Justice, who threatens to raise numerous 'us'. Christian gets a visits from his nymphomaniac ex Gina Russo, who announces she's pregnant- from him; she demands his support, threatening with an abortion otherwise after a week; at AA he accepts to pay, but is a day late, so she calls him heartless and an unfit father, apparently having had an abortion. Christian gets paternal, even complaining Sean, who must morn Megan in silence now Julia and Matt know, didn't invite him to his godchild Annie's eight birthday party; he brings Julia a present for Annie, a caged bird; Julia considers shutting him out altogether, while doubting if she wants to stay with Sean, who must wait for his venereal tests; he's negative, but she still can't bear his intimate touch. Matt meets Cara, recovered with some scars, who explains she has almost total amnesia and invites him to her next prayer group meeting; only he and his Jewish-born mate Henry turn up, who announces he doubts his Jewish faith and intends to ask Cara for the prom, but she asks Matt. Julia returns the bird to Christian because it doesn't fit in with Annie's present pet Frisky and asks him about Megan; she steals his hairbrush for a DNA test without telling him about is, and brings it and Sean's razor the lab, which announces a margin of error just under 1%. At a new visit, Russo tells Christian she's not aborted - they intend to come to 'realistic' terms. Henry is hyper-stressed, confused and preparing to tells Cara the truth, to Matt's horror. Julia comes tell Christian the test result, but Gina is still there and blurts out her arrangement, so she doesn't tell him, yet hopes he'll be a good father ...

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