hristian and Sean discover a maid's horribly mutilated forehead is the result of the systematical sale of 'Bobotox', a scandalous 'cheap Botox', by their former associate Dr. Merril Bobolit, who is now a drug addict; Christian gets him into addicts anonymous, where he falls in love but is rejected as a loser. Matt sees how Adrian Moore helps himself to lots of opiates from his mother Ava's stock, to sell to school kids, hiding it in his jacket; the boys fight, and the bitter old lady principal won't budge for Ava's threats or Christian's offer to donate to the school, but accepts plastic surgery. Shortly after, Adrian urinates in a soap dispenser at school just before Matt will use it, but innocent school mate Trevor Hayes suffers the same fate- his parents demand punishment, and since Matt doesn't rat, Sean, who has claimed his parental role back from Christian, makes him come straight from school to his office 'for meaningless chores'. Ava punishes Adrian by giving all his clothes to her Salvadorian new toy-boy, Alfonso Tehon Jr. Now Bobolit and his lay partner, a massage parlor owner gone bust, even operate, but the patient dies; they plan to dispose of the cut-up corpse; Christian accidentally finds out and is knocked out and strapped down, about to have his face 'stolen' by the madman, who fortunately passes out trying to operate on himself simultaneously. Matt uses his surgery chores to make up with Sean. Adrian and Ava make up and pass straight to incestuous kissing.

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