fter finding out Christian and Julia are Matt's biological parents, Sean is hell-bent to dissolve his partnerships with both, despite professional advice it would be utter disaster for the surgery. Matt and Sean remain tight as son and dad. The doctors still fly together for what is now likely to be their last case, a historical pro bono multi-disciplinary operation: the oldest Siamese twins ever separated, teenage sisters Rose and Raven Rosenberg, who are joined at the forehead. Neither dreamed of being alone, but it's necessary to give one sister chemotherapy. Having to share a dorm room makes the partners reminisce their past and complementarity. Julia's "I gave everything up for you" routine has lost all effect on Matt, who feels no connection with her and even returns to Ava, so she calls the 'fathers', but neither wants to make sonny study hard now. The operation kills Raven, Rose seems to have lost the will to live and dies too. Sean hits the Scotch and pays prostitute Renée for a threesome with 'Julia' and Christian, the one thing they never quite shared. Only now, mother Rosenberg admits neither girl wanted to survive alone; the sisters are re-joined posthumously. The sole survivor is- the surgeons' partnership, Sean has come to his senses.

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