fter Caleb's confession, Kirsten, Sandy and Seth try to welcome Lindsay as part of the family. But she's conflicted about this turn of events on where she stands. Meanwhile, Jimmy is faced with a choice of moving to Maui, Hawaii to run a fishing charter business when Marissa and D.J. finds out about his relationship with his ex-wife, Julie. Seth attempts to be a "bad boy" like Ryan to impress Alex. But he's not very good at it and gets arrested after a half-baked attempt at shoplifting. Also, Zach confides in Seth about a so-called "fling" he had with an old friend during his Christmas vacation. But Seth lets it slip out to Summer about what Zach did on his Christmas break, leading to both coming to blows at Seth. Also, Ryan and Lindsay want to know if it is too awkward for them to be together after Caleb's confession to be Lindey's father.

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