arry throws a surprise birthday party for Tru, with a rented hot-tub in the morgue. Her day reverts suddenly, after the electricity failed while Tyler is in the bath hearing a whispered call for help she can't assign to anyone for sure, so who must she save? She believes it's about fellow med student Jensen Ritchie, whose recent fiancée Lexi Keely has a secret which is about to be revealed by Avery Bishop, concerning the pregnancy which made him say yes. Davis is furious Tru ignores his theory, that his belle Dr. Carrie Allen is about to be murdered by her late husband's sister who believes she caused his death in bath. She tells Harry to change the surprise, so he takes Jack's cue to bet on horses with hindsight to pay for a posher venue. That's not the only difference, and they find there is another plausible victim... Meanwhile Jack is pleased with another asset: an accomplice...

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