t's an unsettling first for all in the know when the day reverts after Megan Roberts's corps, fallen to her death, asks Jack for help, while Tru kisses her med school boyfriend Jensen Ritchie. Davis, who didn't come to action at a dinner at Dr. Carrie Allen's home to her and Jack's disappointment, guesses the Edison Tower, Tru's last memory, is Megan's suicide spot. Tru warns Harry the crime scene dad will ask him to take pictures of includes his poker friend Billy, who invites Harrison to the job but is asked out instead, alas in vain. Jack tells Tru 'help' doesn't mean 'save' with a suicide she has no mandate to prevent. Megan is terminal, but wants a last good day and 'help' to die so her sister Wendy can cash in a $100,000 life insurance polis. Tru still decides to save her life, offering another way to get the cash, using her foresight to bet; the results repeatedly surprise Jack, but Richard insists fate must have its course...

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