man calls Mac to tell him about a body buried in New Jersey years ago. He kills himself after talking to Mac. Mac finds the body and discovers that the person was shot execution style. Mac finds the caller and learns he was a Tanglewood boy. Mac begins by talking to Sonny Sassone who doesn't tell him much. A cigarette found with the body has DNA on it which is identified as Danny's. Mac asks Danny what happened. He says that he was not one of the Tanglewoods but his brother was, and one night about the same time the man was killed he and his brother met the Tanglewoods and it appeared as if they has some guy with them whom they were roughing up. His brother made him leave and that was that. But there's nothing to back Danny's story so Mac relieves him of duty. Mac then talks to Danny's brother and doesn't admit to anything but swears he will find a way to help help Danny. Stella investigates the death of a man who appears to be seeing a call girl.

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