ynette learns that no good deed goes unpunished when she momentarily befriends the elderly, mean-spirited Mrs. Karen McClusky after saving her life, and Lynette regrets it when Mrs. McClusky will not leave her alone. Sophia decides to try and jump start hers and Susan's love lives. Susan later finds the man-hungry Sophia in her kitchen with a man she picked up, and asks her mother to get rid of him. Bree forces Andrew to talk to the family priest about his conflicted sexuality; later Andrew tells Reverend Sikes about his feelings, and of his shocking plans to emotionally destroy his mother Bree. Gabrielle has her credit card declined in an upscale restaurant forcing her to improvise to pay the bill, and Carlos sends Gabrielle a big message/warring about what will happen if she leaves him. Gabrielle tells John that she still cares for him and restarts their sordid affair. Noah Taylor informs Mike that the skeletal remains found in the toy chest are Deirde's, which makes Mike get back on the case where he gets ends up getting beat up by a corrupt detective who apparently still harbors a grudge against him for Mike's long-ago crime.

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