abrielle, Susan and Lynette rush to the hospital in the middle of the night after receiving a phone call from Danielle telling them about Rex's heart attack. Dr. Craig suggests to unamused Rex his not getting any better indicates Bree was tampering with his medication. Rex writes her a note telling her that he understands, and then dies not knowing the truth. Lynette's marriage takes a dramatic turn after Tom, who quit his job due to Lynette's manipulation, vows that it is now her turn to go back to work and he'll be staying home with the kids. Carlos finally learns the truth about Gabrielle's affair with John, and he vows revenge as he is carted off to jail. A revenge-seeking Mike abducts Paul to a deserted quarry, intending to shoot him after finding out that he and Mary Alice killed Deirde. The deranged Zach holds Susan hostage at Mike's house intending to kill Mike after learning from Felicia that he intents to kill his father. A series of flashbacks to the late Mary Alice's life finally reveal the true Young family history. Edie welcomes a mysterious family to Whisteria Lane: the secretive Betty Applewhite and her adolescent son Matthew.

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