ohn is delighted now Carlos is jailed for eight years and has laid a rose petals path to her bed for pregnant Gabrielle to celebrate their henceforward unhindered love-life, assuming to be the baby's daddy, but is literally thrown out in his boxers as 'traitor' while she tries to patch up things with Carlos, who demands a paternity test, at the very least... Lynette eagerly grabs the professional opportunity presented by Tom's domestic 'career switch', but when she finally has a recruiting appointment for her advertising dream job, household-novice Tom has hurt his back to tears just moving a bit, so she has to take the baby to the interview with neurotic, hasty firm CEO Ed Ferrara after having assured unsympathetic supervisor Nina Fletcher she would never allow her family to come in the way of her job, any hours any day, and leaving the baby with office junior Stu... Bree predicted trouble at Rex's funeral, and gets it in the round shape of ever-criticizing mother-in-law Phyllis Van De Kamp, who must learn who's in charge the hard way, even if that takes threatening with armed guards and a non-church funeral to subdue reverend Sikes program-wise. Andrew enforces his dearly missed dad's last will, so 'our bitch' grandma is 'welcomed' after all, but sneakily puts non-designer prep school cloths on Rex, so before the casket is closed Bree, who noticed nothing else during the generally attended service, stops everything to change the corps with a tie she grimly commandeers from baffled Tom's willlessly bared neck. After Mike rescued Susan from Zach, the boy goes missing, the corps the lovers identify is a John Doe, but Susan realizes he's Mike's son and concludes that's the one house-mate she won't consider even for his sake... The new neighbors Betty, who makes her first public appearance filling in for the church organist at Rex's funeral, and son Matthew Applewhite have a secret in the basement, which they feed from a tray, chained and guarded with a gun...

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