om tries hard to bond with his boss Ed Ferrara, but at the expense of his dignity when playing boyish frat games at the office. Lynette tries to get Tom off. Susan gets some help from Edie and Karl on her situation of getting health insurance before her upcoming surgery. Susan plans to marry a gay man who's hiding the fact that he's gay from his mother. When the plan fails, Karl makes Susan an offer she can't refuse. Gabrielle becomes very attached to a Chinese immigrant housekeeper, named Xiao Mei who is staying with them after being rescued by a slave owner employer. Bree tries to uncover more about the Applewhites by sneaking into their house to meet Caleb, which eventually leads to a heart-to-heart conversation between Betty and Bree about Caleb's past. The dying Noah Taylor finally learns from Felicia that Zach Young is his grandson, and he has the corrupt detective Sullivan threaten Mike to spill all the information he knows about the Young family.

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