hen Susan sees that Paul Young has returned to the neighborhood, she tries to get him arrested by informing the police that he killed Mrs. Huber. But Mike refuses to back up her story, apparently to avoid being arrested for attempting to murder Paul. Later, Susan and Mike experience a crisis after Mike learns that Susan lied to him about not seeing Zach and giving him money to keep away from the area. Susan's terminally annoying and neurotic mother, Sophie, pays another visit for a wedding dress fitting. As Carlos continues serving his jail sentence, Gabrielle valiantly tries to free him, but lawyer David Bradley refuses to represent Carlos anymore after he reveals that he's in love with Gabrielle. Meanwhile, Bree gets a bad rash every time she tries to be intimate with George. To take her mind off it, Bree agrees to a getaway weekend with him at a romantic hotel, but requests that they sleep in separate rooms. Also, Lynette gets into a minor argument with Tom over her purchase of a number of very expensive business suits to impress Nina and the rest of the office staff.

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