ll the residents of Wisteria Lane stresses about security after the mysterious intruder at Gabrielle's, while Betty and Matthew try to keep their knowledge about Caleb under wraps at any cost. As Lynette fears Tom doesn't keep his eye close enough on their offspring, she decides to shock his confidence with their rascal twins. During rehearsals for her mother's upcoming wedding with Morty, Susan discovers that her biological father is a nearby shopkeeper, she decides to meet him, but he dreads any intrusion in his present family. Bree and George get on even worse when he continues to brag about his upcoming nuptials, and Bree later gets a visit from a mysterious woman who claims that George is not who she says she is, leading to Bree to test George's patience with her. Gabrielle has bad news for her Carlos about her miscarriage, but she refuses to acknowledge any grief for her pregnancy that she didn't want in the first place. Then, Gabrielle gets a visit from a former prison inmate of Carlos, named Hector, who looks after a reluctant Gabrielle and forces her to face her feelings. Finally, Mike finds Caleb wondering around his back yard and has him arrested.

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