ike begins to remember parts of his past while visiting a hypnosis therapist in his attempt to remember the night that Monique Pollier was murdered. Meanwhile, Susan attends Jane's funeral where she, unwisely as always, tells the attendees about her romantic relationship with Ian to throw them off his course. Lynnette crosses swords with Tom over who has the last word as to who's hired/who's fired from his pizzeria when she fires the loafing and troublesome Austin without his permission. Orson finally reveals the truth about his involvement with Monique Pollier's murder to Bree. When Alma thinks about giving up on trying to break up Orson and Bree, Gloria imprisons Alma in her own house to carry out her revenge plan on her own by attempting to murder Bree with a fall off a ladder. Also, the unbalanced and quick-tempered Zach interferes with Gabrielle's life when she has a date with a lawyer friend of Zach's.

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