n a moment of letting her guard down, a drunken Gabrielle finds herself the morning after with Zach... in bed. Gabrielle confides in Carlos about this predicament and tries to make sense of it. Orson is confronted by Mike about Monique and her strange death, in which Orson barely survives a fall off the roof of the hospital. Bree wakes in the hospital following her "accident" and is in a hurry to return home and deal with Monique's death, herself. The truth about Monique Pollier's murder is finally revealed how both Orson and his twisted mother were involved, as well as more of Orson's past is shown. When Alma learns of Gloria's plan to murder Bree, she attempts to escape from her "prison" to warn her only to suffer a "freak accident". Tom becomes nervous over preparing for the night of the Scavo's Pizzeria grand opening, while Lynnette inadvertently makes matters a little worse with ordering the wrong chairs. Neverless, the grand opening goes off without a hitch where proposals fly left and right when Ian, learning that Mike intended to propose to Susan the night of his accident, proposes to her instead. Zach attempts to do the same to the unimpressed Gabrielle who finally ends their relationship.

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