n the aftermath of Victor's election as mayor of Fairview, Gabrielle is led to believe she has a new-found power, but unwisely uses it to try to avoid getting a parking ticket and winds up getting arrested. Lynnette and Rick find out just how powerless they are when the pizzeria is robbed and they're forced to spend the night together trying to stay warm in a locked cooler. Tom, on the other hand, figures there's something going on between the two of them when he sees the surveillance tape from the robbery and therefore, threatens Rick and his job. Susan, having lost Ian, turns to find Mike who has gone on a hiking trip, and being crazy and klutzy as always, she literally gets lost in the woods. Back in Fairview, just when Carlos bonds more with Travers, Edie's ex-husband, Charles, arrives wanting to take the boy home with him and Edie tries to prevent it from happening.

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