abrielle and Carlos finally learn the truth about Ellie's "work", and they also discover the police are already onto Ellie and her drug-selling ring, and have been staking out the Solis home for some time and want to use the Solis' to arrest Ellie in a sting operation. Meanwhile, Bree declares an all-out war against Edie after learning that she's now after Orson for her latest man conquest. But when Edie does something shocking involving Orson who makes the mistake of revealing the origins of Bree's baby Benjamin, Bree is forced to come clean to the rest of the housewives the secret about "her" baby, and this leads to a the end of Edie's time on Wisteria Lane. Adele Delfino, Susan's overbearing and meddlesome Southern Belle mother-in-law, arrives for a visit. Elsewhere, Katherine continues to try to persuade Dylan that her ex-husband, Wayne, is not who he claims to be, and she reveals a surprising twist to him about Dylan. Also, Tom tries to persuade Lynette to give Kayla another chance to respect her, but Lynette soon regrets it.

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