die receives unexpected news from her doctor which makes her suspect that Carlos is cheating on her with Gabrielle, who has a reconnection to her former flame, John. Susan tries to act friendly with the new neighbors, a gay couple named Bob Hunter and Lee McDermett, and receives unexpected results when they mistake her highly neurotic, mental disorder as homophobia. Bree receives an unexpected baby shower, as well as an unexpected visitor: her former mother-in-law, Phyllis Van De Kamp, who immediately suspects that she's not pregnant which forces Bree to confide in her about Danielle's condition. Meanwhile, Tom receives an unexpected evening with Lynnette. Elsewhere, Katherine's Aunt Lily arrives for a visit and to tell her that she is dying from a terminal illness and wants to die in peace. But Katherine tries to prevent Lily from telling Dylan something about the terrible secret that they are both hiding.

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