s Carlos' sight begins to return, he begins to see what sacrifices Gabrielle made to keep her family intact, while Porter gets arrested after Dave tells the police he saw the boy coming out of the storeroom just before the fire. But when Porter tells Lynette and Tom about a separate crime that he committed by breaking into Edie's house to steal a gun to use against Annie's husband, Lynette takes great measures to try to sneak back in to Edie's house to return it unnoticed. Meanwhile, Bree deals with the revelation that Andrew'a latest beau is Orson's plastic surgeon, Dr. Alex Cominis, which leads her to invite Alex over for dinner at her house. While Katherine's new romance comes to bloom with Mike, it's his son, MJ, who doesn't approve. Elsewhere, Dave keeps seeing a mysterious woman holding a young girl all over the neighborhood, including his own doorstep.

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