s Susan continues to work as a teachers' aide, she tries to stay on the reading teacher and her employer's, Jessie's, good side since she will be evaluating Susan's performance. But Jessie, who happens to be a closeted lesbian, mistakes Susan's stuttering and lame attempts to be friendly as come-ons. Meanwhile, Edie begins looking for more information at a local newspaper office on information on the people who died in Mike's car accident years earlier, and discovers the connection between the victims, and Dave, who continues to badger Mike into taking him and Katherine out on a camping trip. Lynette interviews for an ad job for herself, and soon answers one. Bree forces Orson to attend therapy sessions for their marital troubles, as well as his kleptomania. Following the death of his boss, Carlos gets a promotion, which will lead to him working with Lucy, an overweight, but attractive woman in her late 30s... and who happens to be Carlos's ex-roommate and very first love interest which sparks both surprise and jealousy in Gabrielle.

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