hen Orson is admitted to the hospital after he attempts to rob an old woman whose house he breaks into, he's confident that nobody will believe her because of her senile personality. But later, Bree becomes suspicious of the truth, but keeps it to herself. Meanwhile, Tom and Gabrielle square-off against one another when Tom joins Gabrielle's new gardening club and she worries about a fellow member flirting with Tom, while Carlos saves Lynette after she falls and hits her head in the shower. Dave goes into a decline over Edie's death, and when Susan pays a visit to cheer him up, she discovers his handgun he's been plotting to kill Katherine with. But naturally drawing the wrong conclusion, thinking that Dave intends to kill himself, Susan steals the gun and as with her klutzy wout, ends up getting pulled over and arrested. Also, Katherine pressures Mike to move forward with their romance to the next level, and Dave eventually learns that he's been targeting the wrong Whisteria Lane resident and now targets Susan.

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