usan and Jackson announce their engagement to everyone, which has Mike feeling uneasy about it and debates with himself a future with Katherine on proposing marriage as well. Dave becomes worried when he figures out that Jackson may have witnessed him setting the fire at the nightclub. He also gets worried when he accidentally overhears Susan confiding in Katherine that the upcoming marriage is fake in order to let Jackson stay in the country. Dave plots to remove Jackson with an anonymous phone call to the NRS authorities. Meanwhile, Karl persuades Bree to stage a break-in of her own house to steal items to keep them from Orson, in her latest underhanded attempt to hide her assets from him. Gabrielle, feeling that Juanita may he a bit spoiled, forces her to volunteer at a local soup kitchen with her where Gabby meets an old friend, named Fran, who is now homeless herself. Elsewhere, Tom wishes to have plastic surgery to not only keep his youth intact, but to use his new appearance to find a new job, in which Lynette disapproves.

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