abrielle becomes upset when Carlos' family invites them over at his Aunt Connie's house where she asks them to look after Carlos' niece, Ana, for a while which the not-so-innocent youngster disrupts the Solises daily routine. Meanwhile, Lynette becomes angry at Tom when tells her that he wants to go back to college to seek more education for his job hunting when she thinks he desperately does not want to let go of his youth. The brutal battle of the sexes between Orson and Bree gets nasty when Orson discovers the storage locker, in Bree's name, with all of the stolen merchandise from their house and blackmails her by demanding EVERYTHING of hers when she finally serves him with divorce papers. Elsewhere, Susan, still unaware about Dave's true nature, accepts his friendly gesture towards her over losing Jackson. Also, Detectives Lyons and Collins make headway in the arson fire which leads them to finding Dr. Heller's identity and that he was the one responsible for the fire after they have a talk with the imprisoned Jackson who confirms their story. When the news of Dr. Heller's murder gets back to Karen McClusky's sister Roberta from his receptionist, it puts Mrs. McCluskey and Roberta back on their case of investigating Dave.

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