usan's daughter, Julie, comes to visit with her surprising new boyfriend, an older man named Lloyd. Gabrielle uncovers the unsettling truth about Virgina Hildebrand's past and why she's obsessed with moving into the Solis' lives. Katherine has a confession to make to Susan that she is now involved with Mike. Meanwhile, Bree becomes more nervous when a reporter looks to expose her imperfections, since Bree's entire life is built around perfection. Lynette learns that Porter and his older love interest, Anne Schilling, plan to leave Fairview and run away. Lynette begins to suspect that Anne is conning Porter by claiming that she is pregnant, and beings to doubt that she is being abused by her husband. Dave's psychologist, Dr. Heller, arrives in Fairview looking for Dave, and has a fateful confrontation with him. Elsewhere, everyone gathers at a nightclub to see Dave, Tom, and Mike play in the annual "Battle of the Bands" when a fire breaks out, threatening the lives of those in attendance in which several people will die, but one hero will emerge... so it seems.

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